Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Claiming your ETF

ETF claim form should be taken from the Labour Department in Colombo-5 (Narehenpittya junction). You need to get separate forms for each employer.

Working Hours: Mon-Fri 8.30AM to 4.30PM

Documents to Submit:
  • ETF Form filled by both employee and employer
  • NIC photocopy certified by the employer
  • If your name is different in ETF documents, then a letter from the employer to certify all the different names. This needs to be done for each employer.
  • Bank book or Bank statement photocopy to which account your ETF fund needs to be transferred.
You need to use the ETF entrance (behind 141 bus stand - strange entrance though!), where you will be asked to handover all your bags and a token will be given. You don't need to give you NIC here as you do for EPF. When you collect it again, you will be asked what you have given.
*I decided to write all these since everything needs to be done in Sinhala and if you don't understand, you better be prepared for all these!!

Once you enter to the main building, you can see two workers (sitting next to each other) to organize your documents. Once it is done, you will be asked to get to an office room behind them, where you will be given a card confirming your submission.

Best Time to go: 12 PM (but I may be wrong here!)

Advice to those who don't understand Sinhala: You better speck in English than making a big mess with your poor Sinhala ;-) All the officers are very friendly, hence don't be scared!

  • http://www.lanka.net/etf/ (as of 2nd of April this link is broken!)


twimalasuriya said...

new site http://www.etfb.lk

forms download


per Nalin said...

Thanks for posting this.

One more tip, if you're claiming both ETF and EPF, do the EPF form first. They give out numbers, so you can figure out how long it may take to cal your number. Depending on the wait, you may be able to submit the ETF claim at the ETF office while you wait for your number.